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Ceiling Cloth Drying Hanger

Best Selling Ceiling Cloth Hanger in Hyderabad

Ceiling Cloth Dry Hangers in Hyderabad

Ceiling Clothes Drying Hangers – Permanent solution for drying wet clothes in balcony,wash areas etc. Most comfortable product for apartment and villa balconies to use. The Ultimate systems for drying your clothes. -The ultra modern space saver and compact ceiling clothes hanger to dry clothes inside/outside your home, – Dry your clothes without electricity. For Ceiling Hanger/Wall Cloth Ceiling hanger/Roof Hangers Call 09666258148. Call us To buy cloth drying ceiling hangers in Hyderabad and Roof ceiling cloth hangers in Hyderabad.

1 Years Warrenty

These hangers comes with 1 Years Warranty, Strong and Durable

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Same Day Fast Delivery

We respond quick to your call, fast and best service for sure

Features of Ceiling Cloth Hanger

Very Easy to operate:
Truly very easy to operate with feature of each rod pull down system, which can be easily operated from kids to elders.

Small Space Saver :
Surely our ceiling hanger system is easy to fit in small balconies and utility areas also. we can customize our ceiling hanger system according to your requirement.

Free Installation:
Its Really Free installation of best ceiling cloth hanger to our customers. No hidden Chargers.

Available in Ready-Made Sizes:
EverDry cloth drying ceiling system is available in ready-made sizes of 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, 7 feet, and 8 feet with 6 rods per each set, including two wheel patties and one stopper to hold the thread.

Maintenance Free:
No Repairs & No Maintainance Reliable And Long Lasting Use ceiling cloth drying hanger system is zero maintenance, stainless steel pipes lasts for decades and the only  Maintenance for life long is only to change the nylon Rope after 3 to 4 years after fixing the Hanger.



About us :  ever dry cloth drying system is india’s best clothes drying hanger system.   a professional manufacturers and suppliers in hyderabad for years. Our main products include cloth drying solutions that are ceiling mountable, wall mountable , cloth dry stand and regular wall fix airers. Our pulley operated system takes the toil out of drying clothes every day and gives you an elegant and effortless way of drying clothes. ever dry cloth drying system guarantee to provide all our customers with reliable quality and superior performance products and reasonable price and first-class service.

our ceiling mounted pulley operated clothes drying hanger, stand will provide a permanent solution for your laundry and an environmentally friendly alternative to using the tumble dryer! ever dry cloth drying hangers, stand to high quality standards and our dedicated supervisors monitor the entire manufacturing procedure to ensure quality norms are followed religiously. We have served numerous clients and have been able to win their trust through our quality range, ethical business practices and a competitive price structure. ever dry cloth drying having more satisfied clients and customers, proves the brand and durability of our product cloth lines. Through these years, we have got good business reputation based on our good service, business sincerity, loyalty from our customer all over the country. Our range is appreciated across the globe for its quality, technical superiority, performance, energy-efficiency and durability.

ceiling cloth hanger best online supplier in Hyderabad, best Dealerships & distributor network to provide installation in-time of cloth drying ceiling hanger in Hyderabad/ceiling cloth hanger in Hyderabad. Available Size & Price in Ceiling Clothes Drying Hangers/Ceiling Hanger
5 feet x 6 lines = Rs. 2500
6 feet x 6 lines = Rs. 2700
7 feet x 6 lines = Rs. 2900
8 feet x 6 lines = Rs. 3200

New Fututres

  •  Easy To Operate And Install
  • Maximum Load 40 Kgs
    Easily Transported To Any Place
  • Can Be Operated By All Ages Of People
  • Pull And Dry Clothes Drying Hangers
  • Channel Mounted Pulleys
  • Specially Designed
  • Locking System
  • Good Weight Bearing Capacity
  • Optimum Utilization Of Room Height
  • Flexibility To Add More Lines As Per Your Requirement
  • Each Pipe Can Be Managed Individually

Benefits & Quality

  • 100% Stainless Steel Jindal Rods  For Long Life
  • Ultra Space Saver Dry Clothes Inside Or Outside The House
  • Dry Your Clothes Without Electricity Using Clothes Drying Systems
  • Protect your cloth Color
  • Optimum Space Between Individual Pipes Allows Smooth Air Flow Between Clothes And Reduces Mildew And Smell 
  • 100% Rust Proof
  • No Repairs: No Tension: No Maintainance
  • Reliable And Long Lasting Use
  • Gain Privacy By Drying Indoors
    Enhance Beauty Of Hour House By Not Having To Dry Clothes Outside

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